I love Utah, and the family loves Utah, camping, playing and running in our beautiful state. 

Winter Sledding Jan 2022 

Chelsey and Collette Murdock with Nicholas Murdock Zermatt Hotel Sprint 2021

Mirror lake Utah July, 2021. It was a big hit with the kids. 

Mountain Dell Golf Course Utah

Easter at Zermatt, less people this year but still a good time with the family. 

Winter Skiing At â€‹solitude with the kids

Spring Trips 2021 (Covid Staycation)

Chelsey being a trooper sledding with Maddie on hard pack snow!

Skiing with the kids at Solutide
Nicholas Murdock Salt Lake Sprint 2021

Other Spring and summer fun in Utah with family and friends

We have added new summer 2022 photos on our utah updates page. Click here to check them out. 

Summer Trips 2021 (Covid Staycation​)

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Nick Murdock, Chelsey Murdock, Rick Sanchez, Pattie Sanchez and the kids

What a great day to teach the kids how to ski. Emma is doing awesome this year. And Maddie is picking things up quick.

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Nicholas Murdock with Maddie Murdock